Consumers have modified their behaviour in recent years. They spend far more time on the Web than in your store or in your office. Beyond Web 2.0, how to use efficiently new marketing and sales tools such as e-mail, texts, telephone and social media, whether you are in B2B or B2C, including your business development centre.

Our services

  • Keynotes and talks
  • From a half-day to two-day training programs
  • Individual coaching and online training programs
  • Mystery shopping and a performance diagnosis with recommendations on your sales structures, your customer service profile, etc.

If you don’t adapt your process to the new consumer behaviour, someone else will do it for you and will reap tremendous profit.

Why organizations appreciate our program?

Our training programs:

  1. are tailored to your marketing environment, your market and the responsibilities of the participants: from general manager to sales manager, to representatives and business development representatives, customer relationship services, SR, etc.
  2. generate immediate improvement and both performance and sales
  3. are flexible: workshops, coaching, webinars
  4. cover most important elements to convert Web visitors into buying customers

Your objectives, our approaches:

  • increase the number of Web visitors to your site
  • identify who takes actions with you
  • look at how to design a building supply development group: resources, action plan, tools, how to use e-mail, telephone, texts, and social media.
  • learn how to increase sales effectiveness with a Web 2.0 customer
  • assist the customer in his own buying process: negotiations
  • pinpoint the pros and cons of three sales structures and roles to generate increase sales with Web customer
  • see when and how to build a business development service roles and responsibilities
  • replace e-mail blast with social media (legally)
  • generate sales with social media (easily)
I had the pleasure of participating in Mr. Trudels’ presentation this week and found it very informative. I am sure it will be of great benefit to all of us here at the Dealership as we proceed with our Business Development Center.
Bob Peever, Internet Sales Manager , Village RV